Patricia Sartini, Ed.S., LMFT, LCPC, is a licensed marital and family therapist and clinical professional counselor.  Patricia has been in the private practice of counseling individuals, couples, and groups for over 20 years.  A relationship specialist, Patricia teaches practical, applicable relational skills for use in any area of adult life with an educational style that is engaging and energized.  Her enthusiasm and optimism for providing life enhancement opportunities for her students are evidenced in her presentation skills.   As a consultant, Patricia has helped countless women optimize their power as business professionals, spouses, mothers, sisters and daughters.

Women & Relationships

Patricia Sartini, Director

At Women & Relationships, we are dedicated to providing women the relational skills to realize their full potential in every aspect of their lives.  We respect the commonality of all women, whether they are mothers, daughters, sisters, spouses, partners, stay-at-home mothers, business women, or corporate leaders.  It is our mission to encourage women to be who they are and to be empowered to experience a life of fulfillment, whatever their paths may be.  We believe that education is power and that we have the information to enhance the quality of women’s lives.

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