As the winter slowly moves forward, each day that passes takes us a day closer to springtime.  Many of us have this attitude about winter.  We get caught up in the waiting for the next season (planning our spring cleaning or even the summer vacation to Disneyworld or Las Vegas).  We skip over today and the wonders, joys, surprises, and awareness of the present.

Yet, all we truly have is today.  Of course, it is wise to plan ahead to some extent; but not to the exclusion of living in the now.  To fully experience life, all of our senses deserve to be in touch with what is connecting us to the present.

Only in the present moment can we truly see the possibilities for growth, change, self-improvement, etc.  If we are focused on the future or mired in the past, we will miss the life lessons that open the doors to a sense of peace, contentment, and accomplishment.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, to discover and live your purpose in life if you are disconnected from the now.

If you struggle with staying in the moment, here’s a simple way to start being in touch with your now:  Use your five senses to identify what is presently occurring for you.  Right now, what do you see?  Right now, what do you hear?  Right now, what do you smell?  Right now, what are you physically touching?  Right now, what do you taste?  By answering these questions, you force yourself into the now.  Once you get practice doing this exercise, add another question:  Right now, what am I feeling?  You’ll find yourself connecting more with you and your experience of life in the now.

So, embrace today!